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Big Guy on Stuff is committed to generating useful content, so we are entertaining different ways to help keep the content flowing. The post below was written by someone who goes by writerboytm on Fiverr.  The Big Guys just made a few tweaks to make it fit the site a little better. His profile can be found here if you’re interested. In the future, I will just preface the posts with “From <insert platform here> ” and link to the author if they are OK with it. Without further ado, let’s talk about what it’s like running a side hustle through Fiverr.

What It’s Like Working through Fiverr?

Many people, especially the newer, millennial crowd, have aspirations of some day being their own boss.  Fiverr, one of the best freelancing platforms across the internet, has created an opportunity for any person looking at becoming his/her own boss to make this goal a reality.

There is a social aspect to Fiverr. However, unlike Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Fiverr is a professional platform. It is compulsory for you to have a skill before you can offer services on Fiverr. In this post, we will be taking a look at what it’s like to work through Fiverr.

You Need a Skill

As mentioned earlier, the first thing you need to offer Fiverr - Cartoons & Caricatures a service on Fiverr is knowledge in a particular niche. This may include skills from writing articles, blog posts, and website content to animation, video editing, email marketing services, graphic design, audio editing, voice over, social media marketing, and much more.

With an adept knowledge in your niche, you are on your way to making it big. However, it is important that you keep improving yourself and learning new discoveries or new ways of providing services related to your niche.

Brace for Competition

One thing you need to know is that Fiverr is a competitive marketplace. With several people offering the same service as you, what will make you stand out? Bracing for competition involves offering services in such a way that makes you distinguished from the rest of sellers on Fiverr.

In short, you need to be very good at anything you do. Any job you handle needs to be close to perfection, and you have to be ready to go the extra mile to provide the required solution to any problem or job brought to you by clients. As a new user, things may not be rosy initially. However, with persistence and dedication, greater things await you.

Know Your Limits

To succeed on Fiverr, you have to know when to say “No.” The mistake most sellers make in their desperation to make money is claiming to offer services they know little or nothing about. At the end of the day, you end up delivering a poor quality job, which in turn earns you a bad rating. This will surely affect sales.

Adjust Your Working Hours

From research, the majority of buyers on Fiverr are from the U.S.  Differences in time zone can be a problem — especially for freelancers working outside of the U.S. To get the most out of your freelancing endeavors, you need to adjust your lifestyle and working hours. Work while they work, and sleep while they sleep. This ensures that you are online and available to work when something pops up.

Be Disciplined and Time Conscious

Fiverr - Need a Logo?The fact that you are working online at flexible hours doesn’t mean you should take things for granted. You need to be disciplined, have self-control, and be well-organized. Plan your time well, and meet your deadlines.

Go Forth and Fiverr!

Working on Fiverr offers you an opportunity to get serious about being your own boss. Since you know that how much you earn depends on how well you work, you will be willing to give it your all.

Git it done on Fiverr!

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  1. This is a good article. Not sure how much this one cost, but the author did a good job and the links/photos are great too.


  2. This one was $11 ($10 + $1 service fee). It needed a little work, and I added all the links and images as those are usually gig extras if they are offered at all. He definitely did a good job with the scope he was given. I think all I told him was, “write a piece on what it’s like working through Fiverr.” He didn’t need any further guidance.


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