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Black Friday

Big Guy on Black Friday

If you're out and about during all of the Black Friday fun, then good luck! If you're sitting around the house and looking for on-line deals like me, then this post is for you. Below I have linked a few of the resources I am using to find deals today. The Easy One: Amazon Black…

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Amazon Key
Smart HomeTech

Big Guy on the Amazon Key

Is home delivery on your mind? Trust Amazon with the keys to your house! Amazon has put in a lot of effort to make online shopping as convenient as possible. From lightening fast delivery to free delivery – it’s now removing even the need to be at home to receive a courier! Yes, you heard…

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Big Guy on Film

Just how much camera do you need? Ha! Just kidding. Film is dead. Unfortunately for photographic dinosaurs like me, Digital SLR's may not be too far behind! However, for the moment, I'm still a DSLR fanboy, and it might have something to do with the six grand in glass sitting on…

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