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Big Guy Damien is a creative communications professional, who really likes starting projects. He has a dog named Mr. Buttons, who you will see featured from time to time.

Mister Buttons!

Big Guy on Creative Writing

First off, I want to start this post off as an apology to my readers, and the site. I've been remiss with my posting for a few weeks now, and I have no one to blame but myself. The truth is that I went all out when we were getting the site started, and I…

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Big Guy on Hosting: GoDaddy

I am convinced that the most common abusive relationship is the one between a consumer and a technology company. Here's my take on GoDaddy. Need support? Here's a sale pitch. I recently had a problem. CloudFlare was dealing with some pretty intense DDOS action, and my podcast's website ( was knocked out. The nameservers weren't…

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Alchemy uses many of these spices

Big Guy on Cooking: Alchemy Spice Company

No, this is not a crossover between Frank Herbert's Dune and the anime/manga Fullmetal Alchemist. No, this is just a review of spices you desperately need in your cupboard thanks to Alchemy Spice Company. Let's get cooking! I'm by no means a chef, but I hope you'll be inspired by my cooking blogs to dust…

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Big Guy’s Guide to Travel: Clearwater, Florida

I've decided I'm only going to do these travel pieces monthly, in order to hide the fact that I rarely leave the South. I'm also going to attempt to introduce you to places of which you may have never have heard, or encourage you to go when folks don't, so you can be big in…

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Lodge Cast Iron

Big Guy on Cooking: Lodge Cast Iron

Cast Iron cooking is one of my favorite ways to prepare a meal, particularly since I love a well-seared piece of protein. The science behind Cast Iron is fascinating, as cast iron is actually a terrible conductor of heat. It wants to be heated slowly, possibly in your oven. It wants to be bathed in…

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Stitches Warhol: TP-Link Recolored

Big Guy on Home Automation: TP-Link

It all started with an Echo. My story begins with the Amazon Echo. Go read that other story for a review about those. This story is about how I elevated that useful gadget into a marriage saving, life saving, sanity saving ecosystem thanks to TP-Link. TP-Link is not as well known as Phillips or Belkin…

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Big Guy on Home Automation: Amazon Echo

The only problem with Star Trek that I have is that the future got here way before they said it would. I embrace my robot overlords Hello, Echo Here's the thing. I'm on Facebook, do 90% of my shopping on Amazon, and work for the Government. I gave up the assumption…

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Ford Mustang

Big Guy on Cars: 2018 Ford Mustang

One of the biggest downsides of being a big guy is a loss of options. Small people can't understand that because we may be big or tall, there are things we just don't get to experience. You won't find me spelunking. I can't walk into every store I see and purchase clothing. I don't get…

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loot box

Big Guy on Gaming: Loot Box Edition

I wanted to give the Star Wars: Battlefront IIĀ scandal some time to calm down before I chimed in my opinion on the matter. Microtransactions are a reality of gaming now because the economics show that they work. Are they right or wrong, do they constitute gambling, and are they even worth it? Morality in Gaming…

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Razer Phone

Big Guy on the Razer Phone

I'm a big-time Razer fanboy. I have three Razer keyboards, two mice, three pairs of headphones, a big ol' Razer mousepad, the Razer Leviathan sound bar and even the NZXT Razer mid-tower case for my desktop at home. I like LED lights on my crap, and I like to control said LED lights. Half of…

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