While perusing through fiverr‘s Articles and Blog Posts section, I came across a gig offered by a seller who goes by Neromare. This guy was full of energy and pitched me so many ideas for things he could write for me, just after looking at our blog. So, I had him send me a custom bid, and I bought it. Neromare produced some content that was really unlike anything that we usually post here at Big Guy on Stuff, but it was entertaining as hell. One of the other Big Guys actually suggested that we do this series, and I thought it was a great idea. So, here is the first post in the series called, “Dispatches from the Bloc: My Two Rubles — by The Bulgarian Big Guy.”

The​ ​iPhone​ ​X​ ​- Yay​ ​or​ Nay?

In our minds, the “X” often associates with X-Men, and X-Men stand for absolution and perfection, for fighting injustice and providing wisdom and high guidance. But is the new iPhone X “absolute”?

How can a smartphone fight injustice when the first thing you notice on it, is the worldly famous 3.5mm jack MISSING? How is that justifiable? This is like the most insane injustice ever known to man. It’s small, it’s universal, it’s cheap, you can buy any headphones you want, because everything has the 3.5mm jack.

Apple not only tested their consumers to see if they’re gonna fight Apple’s decision, but they now offer a separate adaptor, so you have to buy a cabel-y gadget so you can listen to your favorite music. Or if you don’t buy the Lightning adaptor, you can buy their $159 AirPods and recharge them 5 times a day if you’re an active listener like me. And does anyone think about the additional wireless radio waves potentially traveling to our heads?It’s wireless, right? How can wireless be harmless? You know the words RADIOwaves and RADIOactive are sharing the common “radio” core, right?Is that by a coincidence? And what if you have to charge your AirPods while you’re on the move? …While costing the same price as a new budget Android smartphone.
Steve Jobs, do you approve of that? ‘Cause we don’t.

So we all know Apple always was the party starter, they innovate and they move the world towards progress. So this probably means all other big players in the game like Samsung, Google, LG, ASUS will copy Apple’s tech and make their smartphones weird as hell too. Prices went up, and now the average speakeroo costs the same as an old Volkswagen which’s engine is gonna outlive the average German Shepherd dog (if it lived two lives).

And another trend for the Apples and other smartphones in general is promoting unreal specs and features while actually being so away from reality. All that out there is just numbers, high numbers of mAh battery life, but nobody tells you that most Apple batteries will die on you in the next 2 years, if you’re lucky. Now go ask Google if you’re feeling lucky.

And no, we’re not promoting or hating on anyone, but we’re being unbiased and speaking our minds, saying out loud what most people are too afraid to say.

And what if next year somebody decides to introduce a smartphone with the form of a chicken with some pink feathers on? Will people then jump in?If people don’t use critique, because we’re all too scared to use criticism anymore, we’re becoming a bunch of programmed robots. And often because society do want this. People around us often say we don’t have to really “go that deep” because it’s weird. We as a people need to progress up. Best way we can do that is through constructive criticism.

Gadgets and tech are like 21st century’s tools. We need all that so we can do our jobs, or just entertain ourselves from time to time, because we all need some time to breathe some fresh air, right?If the manufacturers take away the functionality, and they substitute it with some “specs” and a beautiful shell instead, that’s a fashion show. It’s called Fashion Week in Paris. Sure I can probably pin that smartphone on my wife’s hair. Would look really cool.

And don’t ever forget, these real trends are always ran by the customer, by you and me. And while you can make more money, you can’t really recover lost nerves, or lost time. And you can lose time on constantly selling stuff because of flaws, and you sell old or malfunctioning to buy new and working in order.

And what’s up with the same design? 6, 7 and now X looks like the same thing to me. Apple is probably copying the Russians. It’s the Russians’ fault. They haven’t changed their Lada cars for the last 45 years or something. Design inspired by the USSR, eh?

Wolverine will not be happy about the new X, and I ain’t too happy about that too.

But I’ll be honest, Apple, threw a few X’s in for free so me and my buddies can test it the American way. We promise, we’ll take this article down and make a “better one.” Send some Lightning adaptors too, so we can listen to some music, yeah?

ThanX, Apple.

Just Thinking Different.

Posted by Tommy


  1. Here is a bit of great innovation from Apple: take away a feature that 99.9% of consumers use for no good reason at all. Then raise the price. Okay.


  2. Hey! So, do you really use the headphone jack that much? I honestly haven’t used a headphone jack in a couple years at least. This year, the new Google phone that I got doesn’t have one either, and I really could care less.


    1. I think he has a point. Ear phones are super expensive.
      No, thank you. You can get ones with much better sound quality for only £50 quid (wired).


  3. Jack up the phone price then charge $160 for the earphones 😀


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