On the weekends I’ve been trying to do things out of the norm since we like to have a little downtime. Today, I have an entertainment piece from a guy on Fiverr who goes by Maxchang1. I asked him to craft something up on big guy problems, and he delivered. As with the other Fiverr posts, any of my comments are below in brackets.

The Problems Only Big Guys Have

It’s a common misconception that telling a guy with a gut that he needs to lose weight is socially acceptable. It’s the indisputable norm to never say that to a woman (in fear of getting punched in the face), but why is it OK to say it to guys?

Well it’s not OK, underneath our skin and layers of fat that we can’t seem to shift, there is a human being with feelings. [See Big Guy Things Big Thoughts] Let’s look at some of the biggest problems faced by big guys.

Men Can Lose Weight Faster

There’s the assumption that most (or even all) men are either into playing sports or are more active in their daily life, but, even if 100% true, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can drop a few pounds just as easily. Unless big guys undertook a diet consisting of dust and ran 10 miles a day to show everyone how to lose weight overnight, the negative effects on a guy’s already vulnerable mental well-being causes more damage than good. [When I am trying to lose weight, I do seem to lose it faster than the Mrs., but after the first 5 or 10 pounds, it get’s way harder.]

Shopping is a Nightmare

Clothes shopping is almost akin to watching Lord of the Rings, you spend a good three hours venturing from place to place trying to find something that fits and also makes you look sexy. Then when you get into the daunting fitting room, huffing and panting as you literally squeeze into a pair of jeans a staff member pays a visit to make sure you aren’t having a heart attack.

grocery aisleAnother predicament for big guys is food shopping and fellow shoppers who judgingly stare into your buggy. You feel the moment you grab a package of potato chips that someone will intervene and say, “ I wouldn’t do that if I were you”.

Not Feeling Attractive

bear hugPretty much every advertisement about losing weight features a model who has a dietitian and personal trainer (oh the luxury). With the constant bombardment of weight loss everywhere, big guys just don’t feel as sexy as they use to. That doesn’t mean you aren’t sexy. There are loads of people out there who love tree-trunk sized hugs from big guys. [Personally, I feel pretty sexy as a Big Guy! It would just be nice to be able to breath easier and chase the kids without getting winded! :)]

Online Dating is Hard

Big guys tend to spend more time than women when it comes to taking a selfie. Do you show your belly and boobs? Do you only show a face pic and then hope they aren’t disappointed when you meet in public? Do you use a picture from 10 years ago?

online dating

The reality is that you shouldn’t be ashamed and being transparent is a rare quality in today’s Photoshop-obsessed world. If someone can’t like you for you then they aren’t worthy of your time.


If you enjoyed that piece, give Maxchang1 a visit over on Fiverr and see if he can help you. His gig was actually to “Produce a 3 Minute Comedy Routine“, but he agreed to turn it into an article for me. The challenges of being big are real, no doubt. I’ve lived it every day since 3rd or 4th grade, but you learn to deal. Once you accept yourself, others will accept you as well. Now, getting in shape because it’s the healthy thing to do is the hard part.

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  1. Max is right on the money here. Back when I was single, I thoroughly applied my photographic skills to literally present my “best face.” Little did I know, all I had to do was go to a sci-fi convention and bond over being a nerd.


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