Big Guy’s fuzzy face.
You didn’t need that beard. Right?
Signed, Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf

Today’s haiku was inspired by my kids’ Elf on the Shelf, Mr. Jingle Bells. If you haven’t heard of an Elf on the Shelf, it’s this little guy that shows up for your kids sometime in the weeks following up to Christmas. He typically does pranks and funny thing each night for the kids to find the next morning.

The first night, he simply showed up with his book like he does every year that we read to the kids explaining how he’s there for Santa, and if you touch him he loses some of his magic. This year, however, he also brought a friend along, a reindeer which our kids named Bell.

The second night, he was just hanging from a light in the living room chilling. He also created Google Photos album of pictures that we had taken throughout the year, but this time, he was visible in the pictures. He strategically casted this photo album to the living room TV when the boys were up.

The Prank

Last night.  Last night was the first “prank”, and of course it was on me. The little booger took my clippers and shaved one side of my head and one side of my face. Luckily, he thought to put a 3 guard on before he did my beard instead of going at it with no guard at all.

before after - elf on the shelf mischief

How Many Days Until Christmas?!

With 22 days until Christmas, there’s no telling what other mischief this little guy will get into. The kids love it, and it’s pretty fun for us as well seeing them so entertained. If you’re interested, I heard you can check out some of his friends using the images on the right. You can also check out some of the pets that go along with his friends using the image on the right. If any of you have this same tradition with your kids and have any stories, please share!

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