H. T. T. P. On.
A series of tubes is born.
Cat videos, please!

OK. Why Haiku?

I’ve always been fascinated by haiku for some reason. From time to time I may do some more of these if it is received well, and I feel inspired to do so. I love reading them as well, so feel free to leave your favorite in the comments below!

Today’s Haiku Inspiration

Today’s haiku was inspired by the fact that Tim Berners-Lee published his proposal, WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project, on this day, November 12, in 1990. The internet was around before then, but it was different than we know it now as it wasn’t as easily accessible by everyone. Without standards for publishing and viewing information, a lot of time was wasted just trying to figure these things out each time you interfaced with someone new. In his proposal, he laid out the concept of using hypertext to link and access information. He also detailed the concept of using a “Browser” and a “Server” so that information could be hosted and users could easily get to that information. To read more about it, you can see the actual proposal, here.

I wonder if Mr. Berners-Lee ever thought the World Wide Web would become what it is today.


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  1. The net should be free
    Information before cash
    Restart your router


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