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Shared Hosting Reality

Big Hosting Problems: Why Shared Hosting is Bad

You may recall when we first got setup, we were using Namecheap, and things were great. Well, after a while, we started having issues with their managed WordPress service, EasyWP. After we had suffered enough outages with them, we moved to Dreamhost on the recommendation of Big Guy Damien. You may remember the  Big Guy New Digs post…

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side hustle

Welcome to Big Guy on Stuff – An Experiment in Multiple Income Streams

Multiple income streams, passive income, money trees, side gigs, side hustles — whatever you call it. The idea of making extra money that hopefully trickles (or floods!) in is not a new concept. A Google search for “multiple income streams” produces many results on the topic. Personally, I am looking into this because I am a sole provider for my family, and the thought of having only one stream of income is scary […]

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