Month: January 2018

The WyzeCam

Big Camera. Low Price!

I don't normally do this, but I love this little camera so much that I decided to re-post about it. Hurry before they are out of stock again! The WyzeCam is now back in stock on Amazon! Don't miss out on your chance to pick one up. They go fast every time they get them…

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Mister Buttons!

Big Guy on Creative Writing

First off, I want to start this post off as an apology to my readers, and the site. I've been remiss with my posting for a few weeks now, and I have no one to blame but myself. The truth is that I went all out when we were getting the site started, and I…

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Shared Hosting Reality

Big Hosting Problems: Why Shared Hosting is Bad

You may recall when we first got setup, we were using Namecheap, and things were great. Well, after a while, we started having issues with their managed WordPress service, EasyWP. After we had suffered enough outages with them, we moved to Dreamhost on the recommendation of Big Guy Damien. You may remember the  Big Guy New Digs post…

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Big Guy on Hosting: GoDaddy

I am convinced that the most common abusive relationship is the one between a consumer and a technology company. Here's my take on GoDaddy. Need support? Here's a sale pitch. I recently had a problem. CloudFlare was dealing with some pretty intense DDOS action, and my podcast's website ( was knocked out. The nameservers weren't…

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Big Blogiverse - Introductions to the Blogging Community
side hustle

Big Blogiverse: Dnyanesh Bodhe and Smartest.Dan.Alive

Today on Big Blogiverse, I'm actually going to introduce two blogs. Both of these are run by Dnyanesh Bodhe, who is a behavioral economist among many other things. In the first of his blogs, Dnyanesh Bodhe takes on a more professional form where he writes about many of his passions, including Design Thinking, Innovation, and…

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