Today on Big Blogiverse, I’m actually going to introduce two blogs. Both of these are run by Dnyanesh Bodhe, who is a behavioral economist among many other things. In the first of his blogs, Dnyanesh Bodhe takes on a more professional form where he writes about many of his passions, including Design Thinking, Innovation, and Behavioral Economics. Maybe you’re wondering, “Just what is behavioral economics?“, maybe you’re interested in Gamification, or maybe you just want to read some interesting posts from a guy with a lot of experience in these and other fields. If so, Dnyanesh Bodhe’s blog does not disappoint.

His second blog, Smartest.Dan.Alive, is used as more of a creative, spiritual outlet. He has some real thought-provoking content on there ranging from spirituality in his post, Finding God, a poem on bidding farewell to the weekend in “An Ode to the Weekend…“, and a post on “What drives happiness?” Reading through this blog and the professional one, you can see how his experiences and expertise, especially in behavioral economics, are present in both, but this one definitely makes you think about the somewhat intangible things more.

Interview with the Author

I asked Dnyanesh some questions as I do with all of our other Big Blogiverse featured blogs. Without wasting any time, let’s get right to it.

1. How long has your blog been up and running?

Dnyanesh Professional BlogI’ve been writing for a while. These blogs have been around for a year plus. I first started to blog around 5 years ago. It was a serialised story where I’d publish one chapter each week. Took it down and published it as a book.

2. What inspired you to create your blog?

The current blogs were inspired from the fact that one day I’d like to be an entrepreneur – hence wanted to build myself as a personal brand – I do a lot of workshops around creativity, innovation, etc so it made sense to write about that. The second blog is just to express myself, a creative outlet if you will.

3. What’s one thing that you didn’t know about blogging that you do now?

The one thing I didn’t know that I know now: importance of being consistent with the blog. Especially the professional one.

4. What is your favorite post so far? One that was fun to write or that you just really liked creating.

Dnyanesh Spiritual BlogMy favourite post so far: Finding God

5. Who is your favorite big guy?

Big guys I like: GaryVee, John Campea (from the blogging/vlogging PoV) otherwise, Chris Pratt, The Rock.

The Big Guy’s Take

I really enjoyed reading through Dnyanesh’s content. As I told him, I think in probably would have enjoyed a minor in Psychology or something like Behavioral Economics. I am fascinated by why people do the things they do, especially when it comes to economic decisions. Studying others helps me understand my habits as well. You can catch up on his posts at Dnyanesh Bodhe and Smartest.Dan.Alive. I highly recommend them both as the posts are not too long, but they provide a lot of useful or thought-provoking information. You can also catch Dnyanesh on the social medias at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and on YouTube.

Feed Back

If you are a blogger or know of someone who may want to work with me on some cross posting or other endeavors, please hit me up. As always, if you have any feedback or want to contribute to the conversation, drop a line in the comments below!

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