The Flu 4-1-1

Okay, first off let’s make this absolutely clear. The annual flu shot is not part of some kind of plot to inject each and every one of us with some kind of microscopic tracking device. The flu shot is devised to do one thing and one thing only: to protect you and others from contracting the flu.

Sure, some of us get sick as soon as we get the needle jabbed into our arms and swear that it was the flu shot that did it. That’s actually impossible because the goop that gets forced into your veins is already dead. Dead stuff does not suddenly come alive. Well, unless we’re talking about zombies and that’s a whole different blog post.

The flu shot contains dead virus cells of the common flu strains making the rounds all over the surface of the globe. With it inside your body you build immunity to the actual virus strains. I know, there’s a bit too much science there. To simplify it a tad, when you walk through someone’s sneeze cloud, with immunity working on your side, you won’t catch whatever germs are floating around in the sneeze cloud that could make you sick.

The Disclaimer

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Here’s the small print. The annual flu shot will protect you only from the flu strains that are contained within that needle. In other words, if a brand new strain suddenly burst on the scene and started spreading with the veracity of the T-Virus in Raccoon City, you may get a bit more than the sniffles.

The Insurance Policy

Here’s a little more small print for you. The chances of a new strain of flu popping out of nowhere are sort of slim. The researchers who invest time, effort and second marriages into this process are pretty sure that the stuff in the flu shot this season is going to combat the current viruses. Keep in mind that the flu can morph over time but the medical nerds have allowed for that and alter the vaccine contents accordingly.

Why You Should Get The Flu Shot

The Big Guys are big on protection from anything that can cause harm. In the cooler months of the year that pretty much means flu shots and an extended losing streak by the Cleveland Browns. So, with that in mind, here are a few reasons to consider getting yourself pricked in the arm by a pretty pharmacist at your local drugstore:

1 – Its Free

Can you say ‘no-brainer?’ The flu shot is generally offered free to anyone who qualifies. When you fill out the form at your local pharmacy, doctor’s office, walk-in clinic or wherever the flu shot is available you will see several qualifying categories. Very, very few people do not meet at least one of those. On the offhand chance it’s you, the flu shot may cost you but its nominal when you weigh it against your potential loses if you contract the flu without protection.

It's Free!!!

2 Protect Your Loved Ones

Oddly enough, when you get the flu shot you are doing something good in an indirect way. Because you’ve protected yourself it means you won’t be able to spread the flu to anyone else you come in close contact with. Hacking, sneezing and fever can really put a damper on date night or a day of hunting with the guys. Save everyone the hassle of quarantining your ass by getting the needle.

3 No More Sick Days

If you have one of those jobs where you come in contact with a lot of other people who may not be as diligent as you about the flu shot, your job environment is pretty much a germ cesspool. If you don’t protect yourself, you can get sick in many different ways aside from someone sneezing on you. You can get it by shaking hands, touching an infected surface or just by talking to someone who is infected and the germs leap out from their mouths. Taking time off work due to illness will cost you in several ways. The flu shot prevents this from affecting you.

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4 You Can’t Pass It On

As much as it’s a nice gesture to share and care a little more in the holiday season, one thing you don’t want to be responsible for passing on along with good wishes is a dose of the flu. By getting the shot yourself, the flu virus can’t become part of your body chemistry. It looks to you as a target at first but because you have the shields up with the flu shot racing through your veins, any and all rounds fired by the flu can’t penetrate your protective cover. The flu then just dies on the spot unless another unprotected target is in range.

5 – Its Free

The Big Guys like to state the obvious so forgive us for repeating ourselves but this is an important reason to get the flu shot. If anything, it’s an incentive and because 99.99% of the population qualifies for the flu shot, you really have no solid reason for not getting one. Plus, if you qualify for the freebie and don’t bother getting it, do you really know what you are doing? You actually end up being a fresh target for the flu virus to invade, grow, live and move on once it’s had enough of you as a host body. By getting the flu shot you reduce the number of targets available and therefore cut down the spread of the virus.

One More Thing

It generally takes about two weeks for your body to build the immunity it requires following the initial injection of the flu shot. This means there is still the potential of contracting colds and other nasty business along the way. If you reduce your exposure or pay attention to frequently washing your hands you will get through the two week period without much problem. For more details on when and where you can get your flu shot, contact your local doctor’s office or drugstore.


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