This is my first post for “Big Guy On Stuff,” and while I am not the official “Big Guy” himself, I am a big guy.  I’m 6’1″ and 260, and at the beginning of the summer, I had the goal of losing enough weight to go as Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy for Halloween.  Then I figured out they made a Frosted Flakes with Marshmallows in it (and I just found out they make a chocolate one too).

So here I am at Halloween, 60 lbs. overweight and looking for a costume.  Normally I don’t even care about Halloween, but this year I have actually been invited to a Halloween party that expects me to dress up.  The theme of the party is “SNL Characters.”  Naturally, my first thought goes to Chris Farley and his “Matt Foley” character, but I figure that will probably be done.  I talked to my friend Damien (who also works on “Big Guy”) who is 6’6″ 350lbs., and he tells me his thought was the “drunk uncle” character.

Honestly there are only so many fat guys on SNL.  Eventually, we get to talking, and I realize that, as a lifelong Bears fan, I have a built in costume.  I got an Urlacher jersey in my closet, and I can grow a mustache (kind of), so Damien and I decide to go as The Superfans. I can’t find my Bears hat so I bought one, and I got a $20 retro pair of prescription glasses from Zenni, shipped from China. Bingo!

The only problem I still have is that my moustache is a light brown and looks like it might as well not exist.  Maybe I will add a future post about the time when I dyed my facial hair.

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  1. Cute dog. He’s the most precious dog of all time.


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