New Balance 1540v2

New Balance 1540v2 Sneakers for Big Dudes

Hi there reader, at the moment I’m the biggest of the big guys. I’m Damien, and I’m 6’6″ and 375 lbs. Despite these facts, I also have tiny little size 12.5 feet holding it all off the ground. Needless to say, after years of wearing good looking shoes, shoes that were too tight, shoes that were too loose, twelve year old boots, and countless pairs of sandles, the bones in my feet slowly disintegrated into a loose amalgamation of dry spaghetti noodles.

This led me to the local orthopedic specialists, their digital x-ray machines, and multiple recommendations that I lose weight. Luckily, it also came with a doctor’s note to head over to New Balance and buy some supportive shoes, with supportive inserts.

Behold the New Balance 1540v2 sneaker, which comes in the snazzy grey and blue configuration pictured right, or in a black and grey configuration that I generously call my “dress shoes.” Combined with New Balance’s diabetic support inserts, they are quite simply the most supportive, comfortable and stable shoes I’ve ever owned, even if the sole is just one giant rubber snow ski.

These shoes have some definite advantages, mostly that the perforated fabric breathes, and is a straight shot through into your shoe. Stinky feet just don’t happen with these shoes, which is great. The fact that that sliver of fabric is the only thing that protects you from the elements, however, means that if you step in a deep enough puddle, you might as well not be wearing shoes at all.

Overall, I’ve been living with these shoes for six months. I liked them enough to buy both the silver and black configurations, and my feet, knees, and back have been thanking me ever since.


  • Comfortable and supportive, perfect for diabetics and people with Charcot Antropathy.
  • They look pretty good, though you won’t win any crazy sneaker contests.
  • Reasonable price, considering, and cheaper if you buy from New Balance and bring your doctor’s note.


  • Big and flat sole can result in poor grip in slippery conditions.
  • Heavy shoes that can actually wear you out on longer walks.
  • No weather protection


  • I bought two pairs!

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  1. I have fat feet and discovered a few years ago that New Balance seems to have the best selections, wide actually means wide and is actually measured at different levels. 12 4E for me!


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