The Problem

The wife and I had our previous mattress for way too long. It was somewhere around 11 years old. I just did a google search for “average mattress life”, and it looks like they should last anywhere from 7 to 10 years. By those numbers ours shouldn’t have been too bad, but this thing was breaking down. If my wife got too close to the hump in the middle where my side started, she’d roll over on me (hello!). The search for a mattress and the research involved is actually one of the things that gave me the initial idea for this blog. I wanted to know how one of these fancy mattresses-in-a-box that I kept hearing about in podcasts actually held up when you put 290 pounds on one side of it. It seemed to me after my research that most of these mattresses were pretty much the same. They all had multiple layers with the top being some kind of memory foam, and they all claimed to be cool and comfortable. I decided to go with the one that seemed to have started it all and the one that I kept hearing the most about in advertisements — the Casper.

Making Waves

Once I got to the site, I then noticed that they have this fancy new model, “The Wave”.

Casper Wave Mattress


This thing was supposedly engineered so that it, as they put it, “…actively mirrors the natural shape of your body at 36 specific points for deeper, more restorative sleep.” They published an animation of what looks like a collection of cylinders shaped like the parts of the body. In the animation, they settle into the bed and show you where the main pressure points are for this mattress.

I feel like I probably fit more into the shape that you see before all of the cylinders fall into place.


Casper Wave Initial

This looks more like my shape! (Casper)

After all of the research and reading, I was on board! I figured this thing was for the normal-sized people as almost everything else is, but I couldn’t really find any good reviews for how this thing holds up to weight. They offer the 100 night guarantee so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. It’s quite pricey with the King size being $2250, but I thought that this is not too bad over ten years if it actually allows me to sleep better. I also purchased the foundation that is supposed to go under it.

Casper Foundation

Casper Foundation

As I was checking out, I noticed that they offered their “White Glove” service for free if you bought a Wave, so I went ahead and added it since I like free stuff. I also added 50 bucks for them to take away my current mattress. And with that, I spent more on a bed than I ever have.

White Glove

I was surprised at how fast they actually got my order ready and out the door, but then I got the follow-up email on how the White Glove service actually worked. It turns out, if you aren’t in one of the markets where they offer the same day service, they use different delivery/logistics places around the country to fulfill this service. Mine was a place out of Atlanta. Because of this, the mattress had to be shipped to them, and then they would schedule a time to deliver it to me. It added about 4 days onto me actually getting the mattress.

Finally, the day came and the guys in the truck pulled up with our brand new mattress. It is amazing to me how small this box actually is.

The Casper Box


Once out of the box, it expanded very quickly into something that looked like a mattress, and we were in business!

The Pros

We’ve had this mattress now for right at a month, and from day one it was VERY comfortable for me. It was firm but with just enough sink to be soft. I’m not really sure I can claim that it is any cooler than our old mattress, but it seems to me that as soon as you put a sheet on the mattress, you lose any effect that would allow the mattress to be cool. Maybe I’m wrong here as I’m not a mattress engineer. Before we got our new mattress, I had developed this place in my lower neck/upper shoulder area that always felt tweaked. I can honestly say that after the very first night of sleep on this thing, that spot was almost completely gone, and after the second or third, it was completely gone. Now, this probably would have happened with any new mattress we bought since our old one was in such terrible shape, but it was great. I have been sleeping fantastically on it the whole time. It does seem to hold up well to extra weight I put on it every night!

The Cons

Number one on the cons list for me is the price. It was very hard for me to make this purchase, but lately I’ve been trying to adhere to the concept of paying more for something now that will last longer than the cheap thing that may need replacing sooner. The second thing I would actually consider a con is the White Glove Service. I would not do this again even if it was free. It added 4 days onto the wait time for me to get in a nice, new, comfortable bed, and I honestly found it strange having two random dudes in my bedroom for some reason. Lastly, the foundation that I bought would not actually fit onto the new bed frame we bought. It seems to only for a basic frame. Keep that in mind if you purchase. The process to get them to take that back and credit me back for the foundation purchase was very easy.


I have not slept on any of the other mattresses-in-a-box out there, but I can definitely recommend this one. We will probably keep it, and I would buy it again. If you would like to check one out and try out their 100 day trial, you can use this link or any of the clickable images in this post to automatically save $75 on your mattress purchase from them. I do know that I will not let our mattress get so bad next time. Sleep is very important to being able to function.

If anyone has any reviews on other mattresses that they have actually used, or if you have experience on multiple brands, I’d love to hear about it either in the comments section or as feedback directly to me. I would also love to have a guest post on another brand.

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