Me in my Superfan Costume

Bob Swersky standing in for my brother Bill.

When I tried on my Halloween costume (one of the Superfan’s from SNL), I shaved my beard into a handlebar mustache and figured out one thing: I can’t pull off a mustache.

You have to look at the picture on the left real close to even figure out I have facial hair, but the mustache was key to pulling off the costume.  All of the Superfans have mustaches.

No thanks, I’m married, ladies.

In the light of the bathroom, it looks better, but not good enough.  I would need to dye this puppy.

I went to the local Wal-Mart and looked for any kind of men’s hair products (Just for Men, anyone?), but they didn’t seem to exist.  Apparently the only people that dye their hair using Wal-Mart products are old ladies.  I settled for the closest thing to a beard dying kit which was called “No Gray Quick Fix“. It’s kind of a mascara brush for your hair.  It is meant to cover up gray roots and washes off, but I thought it would work for facial hair.  I bought a $3 back up cream based permanent dye as backup.

When I got home with my items, my wife thought it was crazy.  She told me to go to Walgreens and get one that was meant for a man, but I thought I would just try the non-permanent one first.  I could always wash it off if I didn’t like it.

Here is the result:

Notice the difference? No? Well it’s there.

Ok, so you may not be able to see a huge difference, but it really did make a difference.  It matched my hair very well and washes off easy.  Now I know why older gentlemen seem to be addicted to dying their hair.  It looks good! Except those people who you are like, “Don’t you know it is extremely obvious you are dying your hair?” and they are all, “Hi, Tim!” because I would never say anything like that out loud to their face.

I’ll let you know how this plays at the party.  By the way, I had to blow dry my face to get it to dry.  The things I do for beauty.

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