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Big Guy on Haiku: Beardnapping

Big Guy's fuzzy face. You didn't need that beard. Right? Signed, Elf on the Shelf The Elf on the Shelf Today's haiku was inspired by my kids' Elf on the Shelf, Mr. Jingle Bells. If you haven't heard of an Elf on the Shelf, it's this little guy that shows up for your kids sometime…

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Cool big guy problems

Big Guy. Big Problems.

On the weekends I've been trying to do things out of the norm since we like to have a little downtime. Today, I have an entertainment piece from a guy on Fiverr who goes by Maxchang1. I asked him to craft something up on big guy problems, and he delivered. As with the other Fiverr posts,…

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Google Pixel Buds

Big Guy on the Google Pixel Buds: Part 2 – The Review

This is the rest of the review I promised in Big Guy on the Google Pixel Buds: Part 1 – Connectiongate. I took a little time to do this review for a couple reasons. One, I really only use headphones when I'm exercising, and the family has been passing around the sickness over the last few…

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Ford Mustang

Big Guy on Cars: 2018 Ford Mustang

One of the biggest downsides of being a big guy is a loss of options. Small people can't understand that because we may be big or tall, there are things we just don't get to experience. You won't find me spelunking. I can't walk into every store I see and purchase clothing. I don't get…

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freelancing stickies
side hustle

Big Guy on Freelancing

This post was one of a pack of 5 I got from a guy on Fiverr who goes by writer99025. I have put a few comments in brackets below just for commentary. How to Decide Which Freelancing Opportunity is the Right One for You? I have tried many freelancing opportunities in my time; some of them have…

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Cha-ching. For just pennies a day...
side hustle

Big Guy on Experiment X: 36 Days in

It's day 36, and I figured I'd give a site update since there has been at least one big change since our last update. First off, we have still been putting out at least one piece of content a day! Please let us know if there are things you want to see, or things you…

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loot box

Big Guy on Gaming: Loot Box Edition

I wanted to give the Star Wars: Battlefront II scandal some time to calm down before I chimed in my opinion on the matter. Microtransactions are a reality of gaming now because the economics show that they work. Are they right or wrong, do they constitute gambling, and are they even worth it? Morality in Gaming…

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Photo by Madison Grooms on Unsplash

Big Guy on Haiku: Down the Rabbit Hole

Food coma wore off Hopping through the door... buster Down the rabbit hole Today's Haiku Inspiration Today's haiku inspiration is two-fold. First, coming off of the week of Thanksgiving here in the US, the leftover food is running out. The Black Friday door-busters have closed, and we're on the cusp of Cyber Monday. Second, on…

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big guy on couch

Big Guy on Google Trends: Big Guys Rule

I've mentioned in at least one other post that I sometimes use Google Trends to find relevant topics. Usually this is a fruitless effort as the things trending don't really interest me as they are related to some pop star, sports, or the latest politician or movie producer wrapped up in a sex scandal. Now,…

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Black Friday

Big Guy on Black Friday

If you're out and about during all of the Black Friday fun, then good luck! If you're sitting around the house and looking for on-line deals like me, then this post is for you. Below I have linked a few of the resources I am using to find deals today. The Easy One: Amazon Black…

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