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How to Decide Which Freelancing Opportunity is the Right One for You?

I have tried many freelancing opportunities in my time; some of them have worked wonderfully well, while others have been so and so. Had I known which side-hustle or freelancing opportunity would make me money at the very start, I would certainly have given it more attention, worked harder, and done much better.

That’s why, if you’re new to freelancing, it is so very important that you should get it right at the very start. [Big Guy Note: I don’t know if this is necessarily true. Sometimes it’s good to get out there and do something. Anything.] Choose the right freelancing gig or opportunity that will help you earn a consistent online income over years to come.

Here’s how to decide which freelance opportunity is the right one for you.

#1: Does it really excite you?

ecstatic about freelancingIf you are not really enthusiastic about website design and development, then maybe that’s not the freelance gig that you should be looking for, even if web designers on an average earn more than other freelancers. What are you excited about? Is it voice acting, graphic design or writing, or maybe something else? Do something that excites you, which makes you look forward to the work.

#2: How will you get your customers or buyers?

In other words, which freelancing platform are you going to choose? There are so many great freelancing sites out there. One I like best is Fiverr, for many reasons. One, it is free to join. Two, it is one of the most popular freelancing platforms, so you will have access to millions of buyers from across the world. Three, you can set your own prices. Four, you don’t have to worry about getting paid – Fiverr is a very reliable site, and you will get paid for the work done.

#3: How much time will it take for you to complete the service?

balancing time and money - freelancingIdeally, you shouldn’t be spending too much time on a gig, unless you’re getting paid well for it. So, if you’re offering a proofreading service, you shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to proofread 1,000 words for $20. You should certainly value your time. If you are designing a basic website, you can charge something like $500 for it. Make sure to complete the job in about 2 or 3 days.

#4: Does the freelancing opportunity require any investment?

I personally prefer freelancing gigs such as writing or online tutoring which require no startup costs whatsoever. All you need is a good, decent laptop, fast internet broadband, launch Skype and you’re on your way. But there are some excellent money making opportunities such as video making and voice overs which require at least some investment in quality hardware and software. That’s fine, as long as you are serious about these opportunities.

#5: How much money are you likely to make?

This is the most important thing to consider. There are different rates for different services. Talented website developers and app developers can make $10,000/month or more as freelancers. Content writers, not so much – even the best make $3,000/month. EBook writers can make about $500 for ghostwriting a 20,000 word book. Talented voiceover artists are very well paid, and make $6,000/month or more. [Big Guy Note: I’m not sure of the validity of these estimates, but I would love to hear from anyone out there who might be doing some of this work.]

So do you think freelancing is for you? Tell me about it!

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