destiny 2

Big Guy on Gaming: Destiny 2 (PC)

I am unabashedly part of the PC Master Race, and due to that fact, I had to wait a little while for BlizzardActivision's latest game Destiny 2 to come to my preferred gaming platform. Was it worth the wait? Read on below. I like lore Nathan Fillion voices Cayde-6 One of the things…

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the internet, in binary.

Big Guy on Haiku: WWW

H. T. T. P. On. A series of tubes is born. Cat videos, please! OK. Why Haiku? I've always been fascinated by haiku for some reason. From time to time I may do some more of these if it is received well, and I feel inspired to do so. I love reading them as well,…

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Thank you Veterans!

Big Guy on Veterans Day

The Big Guys would like to take a moment to honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. I have never served, but I have many family members and friends who have, and I am grateful for the sacrifice that each of them have made in order to protect our great nation.…

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ah ah ahh ahh.. chooo

Big Guy on Flu Shots

The Flu 4-1-1 Okay, first off let’s make this absolutely clear. The annual flu shot is not part of some kind of plot to inject each and every one of us with some kind of microscopic tracking device. The flu shot is devised to do one thing and one thing only: to protect you and…

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For the Alliance!

Big Guy on Blizzcon 2017

So, I wanted to established my gaming cred on Monday with Big Guy on Gaming. Now, I'm going to show just how deep down the rabbit hole I'll go. I took off work on Friday, November 3, just so I could sit at home and watch the opening ceremony of Blizzcon 2017. Traditionally, this is…

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Pixel 2 XL

Big Guy on the Google Pixel 2 XL

Update: A previous version of this post claimed that if you had Google's Preferred Care on the Pixel 2 XL, that you could get two replacements for free. This is untrue. The Big Guy needs to do a better job of reading his emails. You still have to pay $99 per replacement, but they did…

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Amazon Key
Smart HomeTech

Big Guy on the Amazon Key

Is home delivery on your mind? Trust Amazon with the keys to your house! Amazon has put in a lot of effort to make online shopping as convenient as possible. From lightening fast delivery to free delivery – it’s now removing even the need to be at home to receive a courier! Yes, you heard…

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Heroes of the Storm gaming

Big Guy on Gaming

I played my first video game in 1985, when my parents went to Service Merchandise and purchased the heavily discounted failure of a console known as the Atari 5400. I sat captivated as I rarely got past the first screen of Defender, but obsessively tried anyway. The 5400 was supposed to be the successor to the…

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side hustle

Big Guy on Daylight Saving Time (11/5/2017)

This is a friendly reminder from the Big Guys to set your clocks back if you're in a region that follows daylight saving time. We've also provided a few more details for those who, for whatever reason, may not know much about daylight saving time. For one, I've been saying daylight savings time my whole…

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Fiverr - On time, on budget!
reviewsside hustle

Big Guy on Fiverr

A Note from the Big Guys Big Guy on Stuff is committed to generating useful content, so we are entertaining different ways to help keep the content flowing. The post below was written by someone who goes by writerboytm on Fiverr.  The Big Guys just made a few tweaks to make it fit the site…

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