If you’ve been keeping up with the site updates, you may have noticed that I have been working on getting a logo. Well, the logo was completed yesterday! I was going to wait and put it up with this post, but I was too excited. You may have already seen it up there. In case you haven’t noticed, here it is again below!

Big Guy on Stuff Beard Logo


For this logo, I worked with Stephanie Ward. You can visit her site at http://www.designspacegraphics.com if you are in the market for some design work. I worked with Stephanie some in the past which is why I hit her up for this project. I will say that I am horrible at drawing and even envisioning how I want something to look. She took what little I was able to spit out on what I actually wanted (“err… a big guy… maybe on stuff?  oh ,maybe with a beard?),  and gave me some choices that were pretty much exactly what I wanted! I highly recommend her services! She will not disappoint.

Posted by Tommy


  1. Where are the eyes ?


    1. We thought it looked better with the blank face.


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