I’ll go ahead and say it. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I love food, and I especially love turkey and dressing. I usually eat so much of it on Thanksgiving day and the days following that I feel like I couldn’t eat any more for another year.

Thanksgiving… a U.S. Thing. So Obvious

I think I’ve mentioned before that I work from home. There are folks from all around the world on my team, and one day during a team meeting, we were discussing Thanksgiving and a thought occurred to me for probably the first time in my life: there are people out there who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving! I can’t even imagine this!

The post I wanted to publish today was going to be on what others around the world do while we here in the U.S. are stuffing ourselves with all sorts of delicious foods. I decided to try to source this one through Fiverr to get me started because the wife and I actually got our first date night in a while tonight, but the Fiverr job didn’t come through.

Harvest Celebrations

While researching this a litle, it seems that a lot of other countries do celebrate some kind of “harvest” festival, even around the same time as us. Some of them involve eating and being with family, and almost all of them seem to involve some form of giving thanks.

Harvest Celebrations

Google Search Trends

As I was digging, I stumbled across some interesting data over on Google Search Trends that I thought would be fun to share as we go into the Thanksgiving holiday. I often end up looking on Search Trends for ideas, but I’m usually depressed by what is at the top of the trending results (think Taylor Switft at the Pro-Bowl next to the latest politician who is caught up in a sex scandal). Tonight, however, there’s quite a bit of data on the best holiday ever, Thanksgiving!

A Few of the Most Popular Turkey Day Searches over the Last Week

An Interactive Map on Types of Pie Searches Per State

mmm. I think I prefer pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving, but apple would be a close second for me.

Big and Thankful

If you are traveling to be with family this season, I wish you safe travels. Whatever you may be doing, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, it can never hurt to take a moment to think about the things that you have to be thankful for.

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