Happy New Year, Big Guy fans! We took a little time off over the last couple of weeks to hang out with the families and eat lots of food, but we’re back in 2018 to kick off another awesome year. What better way to kick off the new year than with free stuff! Over the holidays, I had some stickers made up for the site. I had 250 of them made, and I’m going to give them all out to you guys this year. I’ve already given quite a few out to folks that I know, so they are going fast. If people like them, I may have some more made up along with some other designs.

The Big Guy on Stuff Free Sticker!

How Do I Get These Free Stickers?

Great question! If you would like a sticker, all you have to do is sign up for our email list. Everyone who signs up from here on out will get a free sticker. I’ll send you an email requesting your contact information, or if you want, you can use the Contact Us page to send it to me after you sign up. I will send these wherever the post office will let me send them with a standard USPS stamp. Again, I have limited supply right now, so act now!

Where Do I Put These Big Guy Stickers?

Anywhere you want! That’s the great thing, they will stick to just about anything, so go crazy. And, once you do get your sticker, YOU can put the Big Guy… On Stuff! After you do, send us a picture via TwitterFacebook, or Pinterest using #BigGuyOnStuff to show us where you put your sticker.

Examples of where to put your stickers

1. On your car.
Big Guy Sticker on a Car

2. On the cars of all of your family and friends (I don’t have a picture here because the wife shot me the death glare when I told her I was going to put it on her van).

3. On your laptop.
Big Guy Sticker on a Pixelbook.

4. On your PC (You guys still have those? I do).

Big Guy Sticker on PC

5. On your cat.

Big Guy Sticker on a Cat

Just kidding. This is photo-shopped. I don’t recommend putting stickers on living things.

This list is just to get you started. If you find fun new stuff to put the Big Guy on, let us know! Let’s keep it in the realm of PG though :).

Find Us on the Social Medias

As I mentioned you can let us know what stuff you can put your Big Guy stickers on via our newly created social media outlets,  @BigGuyOnStuffhttps://facebook.com/BigGuyOnStuff, https://www.pinterest.com/BigGuyOnStuff/, or you can always share in the comments below!

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